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my old stumbleupon account


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changes ahead

what i do enjoy about the recently annoucend and much maligned changes, is how everyone is going round checking out profiles, leaving comments, making reviews, taking it all in one last time before it all vanishes.

i do, i really like that.

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Here you go SU,

Is this is the sort of submission you’re after?

I present you: the worst website in the world.

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Top 10 Shocking Historical Beliefs and Practices


At the same time beautiful and horrific.

Shoes made from the skin of executed George Parrott.

(not nearly as disturbing as the lobotomies, though)

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FreudiunSlips reviews – StumbleUpon


my kind of funny!

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Naypyidaw – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


From the page: Five days later, on 11 November at 11 a.m., a second convoy of 1,100 military trucks carrying 11 military battalions and 11 government ministries left Yangon.

The dispicable conduct of the military junta in Myanmar is entirely unforgivable and other actions are often questionable, too, such as for example, the construction of a brand new capital city. But if you were to ask me to support just one of their actions I would have to give my full support to the decision to move the State’s administrative functions in an event that focuses entirely on the number “11”.

I can get behind that.

here is a picture of an Apache.

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sallyjacobss favorite websites – StumbleUpon


As befits a pragmatic archivist, her page is full of interesting things.

Yes, mofos, i did say pragmatic. It’s chronologically accurate, ask Sally.

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thebellends reviews – StumbleUpon


A most selfless act of mercy!

If you ever find yourself down in the dumps…..
You might be in for a suprise if Sam’s your pal.

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Google Images


It’s a sign,
I’m sure

(say it so that it rhymes)

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Over the weekend I was working on my son’s future nostalgia again (and so, vicariously revisiting my own childhood). This most recent project has moved away from the smokey and uproarious mayhem of capguns, and advanced to the more stealthy art of shooting catapults.

I was in the garden with my boy taking shots at a bucket we had placed as target some distance away, naturaly after having admonished him not to point the catapult at his sister, windows or animals.

We were (that is to say I was) having fun, and naturally being the stronger and more experienced catapultist I was hitting the bucked consistently with a satisfying clang.

He, on the other hand, was not so successful and grew increasingly frustrated by his inability to hit the target. Eventually he asked: How do you do that daddy, can you show me?

Keen to mentor him in the fine art, and eager to appear heroic, I spoke authoritatively (I improvised wildly) about arm position, shape of projectile, balanced elastic tension, being in the zone etc. and then, to make the whole inevitable experience of missing your target more lighthearted and bearable for him, I added, jokingly:

If you do that you can hit anything. See that bee over there?

I pointed at a bee some 15ft away, buzzing erratically over some flowers.

Anticipating wild laughter from my son at my imminent failure, I fired my catapult.

To my horror and his amazement I shot the bee right out of the air.

There was silence, but in my head I was going: shit shit shit shit now what.

Poker-faced I looked at my boy who stood open mouthed, his expression changing from astounded incredulity to revulsion, then back to amazement then …. well, I don’t know what, disappointment perhaps. At this point I couldn’t read him any more, and there was no way I could coach him through his frustration.

You killed a bee, dad!


(time to learn to cope with disappointment by yourself, son) I walked (strutted) away.

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